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Managed IT Services & Support Contracts for Brighton businesses & beyond

Why struggle to manage your IT, when your IT can be managed? If you’re a Sussex or Brighton-based company looking for proactive IT support that minimises downtime and protects your data to enable better business, we’re the partner you need.

Why choose ajt managed It services for your Brighton it support?

Minimised downtime & quick issue resolution

Whatever your profession, unnecessary business down-time is crippling. We help keep your projects on track and protect your client relationships with proactive service from our trained and professionally qualified staff. We’ve got the know-how to prevent issues before they affect you and your business.

Robust security & data encryption

Your customers want to know their data – from financial information to confidential legal documents – is in safe hands with you. You want the peace of mind of knowing your IT support takes data security as seriously as you do. Thanks to our partnership with Bitdefender, we protect against cyber attacks and data breaches through 24/7 monitoring, real-time threat detection and instant incident response, ensuring no digital threat goes unnoticed.

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Proactive maintenance & it support in Brighton

The secret to minimal downtime? Identifying and addressing potential IT issues before they escalate into bigger problems. Not only does the AJT Managed IT Services team proactively monitor your systems and perform regular maintenance, we also provide onsite support to our local clients. We’re there when you need us – in-person and without the jargon.

Rod Hayler – Managing Director, Old Bailey Solicitors

Scalability & flexibility

As your business grows, your IT infrastructure and support needs will undoubtedly change. We pride ourselves on being a flexible partner, able to adapt our managed service as you scale. The proof? We’ve supported our clients’ growth at Futurlab from a handful of users to currently well over 100 users, and have never lost a customer to a competitor.

“Thanks for always having our backs guys. Would be in a right pickle without you.

James Marsden – Managing Director, Futurlab

Industry expertise

Whatever the nuances of your industry, we want to put our skills to work to help your business grow. AJT Managed IT Services has been operating for more than 5 years and across the team, there is 60 years combined experience. We know cloud, networking & infrastructure, software and hardware support inside out. We’ve also got a wealth of experience supporting a wide range of businesses, including surveyors, accountancy firms, tech & game developers and consultancy professionals.

Simple, effective and proactive partnership

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what Tom, the head of IT at Motorway, has to say about working with AJT Managed IT Services:

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