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Recover vital files, ensure business continuity and reduce downtime

‘Business disaster recovery’ might sound pretty drastic and you might mistakenly assume it’s something only large businesses should worry about. In reality, it’s important for businesses of any size.

Read on to find out more about why backups and disaster recovery matter to small and growing businesses, as well as the services we offer across Brighton and the surrounding area to get your business back on track after a disruption.

What is business disaster recovery?

Business disaster recovery is the processes of restoring backups of your organisation’s data and systems to reduce downtime and ensure business continuity after any significant disruption. This disruption could be anything from hardware failures to natural disasters, or from cyber attacks to power cuts.

Why disaster recovery and cloud backups matter for businesses in Brighton

Studies show that unexpected disasters can devastate businesses of any size. A previous edition of PwC’s Digital Trust Insights survey found that 7 out of 10 small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year.

Even so, if your business is relatively small and local, you might ask yourself ‘Is having a disaster recovery plan worth the cost and effort?’. The short answer is ‘yes’. There are many different solutions out there that are scalable and reasonably priced depending on your needs. Plus, if you consider it against the potential cost of data loss, it can be surprisingly affordable.

Don’t get caught out.

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Why choose AJT Managed IT services for your Brighton business disaster recovery?

Local disaster recovery with a personal touch

A Brighton-based business ourselves, we get Brighton (and Sussex) businesses! As part of our Brighton IT Support contracts, our local team conduct onsite visits to make sure everything is how it should be, and are readily available in case disaster strikes.

Proactive monitoring to fix problems before they begin

We go beyond backups. Choose us to help prepare for the worst and we’ll incorporate proactive monitoring and maintenance to identify potential threats to your IT before they become major disruptions.

You’re in safe hands with us

With over 60 years combined experience, the AJT Managed IT Services team has been around the IT block. We’ve got the technical know-how to handle complex disaster recovery scenarios and get you back up and running efficiently, without bamboozling you with jargon.

Industry-leading suppliers at an affordable price

We work with the best in the business to give our customers access to the pinnacle of backup tech without the premium price tag.

Reduce down time. Keep your data secure. Get expert support.

Learn more about our cloud backups and disaster recovery solutions.

Our business disaster recovery product Partner: veeam

We work with Veeam – the #1 global leader in data protection & ransomware recovery – to help our customers recover faster from data disruption. Using Veeam, we can back up your servers and replicate those backups to other devices or servers at our own office. You can find out more about what Veeam offers below.

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